Jade Esthetic Colour Frequency Therapy

Oriental healing arts applied to the Jade Esthetics device consist of colour, sound, gemstones, light, high frequency, micro-current and Chinese Acu point techniques.  In combination with herbal aesthetics and specific massage techniques, it aids to rehabilitate, rejuvenate, tone and firm the muscles in the skin.

In Treatment

The face is massaged with the frequency wants to relax micro spasm and infuse super hydration to the deeper dermis of the skin.  

This specific massage technique breaks down the tension and toxins in the tissue, stimulation circulation and collagen renewal.  

The outcome is a strengthened and revitalised skin structure that visibly glows.

It is important to us that this treatment is used in conjunction with highly active natural phyto-elements and is free from potentially carcinogenic, man-made artificial ingredients.


It is recommended to have this treatment weekly witha  minimum course of 8-10 treatments for best results.  There is no downtime and has no visible post treatment effects to the face.


The therapy has shown to take from 5 to 15 years off the physical appearance off the skin, leaving you looking younger and refresshed.

Related Therapies

Micro-Current TherapyOriginally developed more than 20 years ago, micro-current therapy is effecitve in reducing facial wrinkles, toning skin and firming skin.

Acupuncture Skin LiftThe principals of this treatments are to clear, balance and tune the energy flow of the facial meridians and strengthen the deeper muscle layers.

Skin PeelsIt is recommended to have this treatment in conjunction with all other facial services, to aid in maximum penetration of phyto-sterol actives.