Facial Skin Peel and Cleanse

Skin peels aid in the cellular renewal and repair of the epidermal skin layers.

Clients leave amazed at the look of their jaw lines, cheekbones and upper eyelids without ever having to resort to surgery or other invasive treatments.


  • Deep Cleanse
  • Removal of Dead Skin Salt
  • Removal of 3 layers of Dead Skin
  • Increased nutrient infussion into the skin


It is recommended to have this treatment in conjunction with all other facial services, to aid in maximum penetration of phyto-sterol actives.

Related Therapies

Micro-Current TherapyOriginally developed more than 20 years ago, micro-current therapy is effecitve in reducing facial wrinkles, toning skin and firming skin.

Jade Esthetic TherapyThis unique device encompasses light, colour, harmonic sound and gemstone frequencies to help reduce stress and energy blockages within the body.

Acupuncture Skin LiftThe principals of this treatments are to clear, balance and tune the energy flow of the facial meridians and strengthen the deeper muscle layers.