Our Key Therapies

The key philosophies and therapies that are offered at Biofunctional Medicine are focused on the following key points.

  • Balancing of the Body
  • Clearing Energy Blockages
  • Revitalising your Life Force
  • Awakening your Spirit
Rife Frequency Therapy
This highly effective technique uses different resonant frequencies to target specific micro organisms that has the potential to cause disease and ailments in clients.
Crystal Light Therapy
Originally developed more than 100 years ago, Light Therapy is still used today to treat a wide range of ailments without any drugs or side effects.
Specifically targeting muscular and skeletal ailments.
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Aims to open and clear blockages and balance the energy of our bodies therefore allowing a return to a sense of well being. We also offer cupping and pressure point therapies.
Energy Balancing Therapies
The worlds leading technology for complete health analysis and treatment. A noninvasive, relaxing treatment, providing results within minutes. Scientifically proven to reduce stress & hypertension
Microcurrent Frequency Therapies
This is a unique micro current, light, colour, harmonicsound and gemstone frequency device. It is the new wave in non surgical facelift treatments, that is proven to give longer lasting results. Additional benefits of this treatments type include continued toning, lymphatic drainage stimulation and breast augmentation.
Acupuncture Skin Lift
A natural relaxing and comfortable alternative to invasive surgery and injectables. Also a very beneficial treatment for scars and stretch marks.
Jade Colour Frequency Therapy
Combining these deeply resonating energies, we specifically adjust the varying frequencies throughout your face and body to harmonise and balance your energy fields.
Skin Peels
Skin peels aid in the cellular renewal and repair of the epidermal skin layers and increase the efficacy of therapeutic nutrients to be infused into the skin.
Breast Enhancement
Using the latest in Quantum Bio-Feedback technology, those seeking an alternative to surgical breast enhancement have seen an increase of two cup sizes after just one session.
Naturopathy and Nutrition
Using traditional iris diagnosis, tongue and general skills of observation, the practitioner is able to establish a health program to assist you back to a sense of well being and a return to health and improved life style.
Massage Services
From deep tissue treatments to relaxation massage, we offer a wide and specific range of massage therapies.