Massage Therapies

Relieve tension, stress and blockages...

From deep tissue treatments to relaxation massage, we offer a wide and specific range of massage therapies.

  • cupping
  • relaxation
  • remedial
  • aromatherapy
  • foot reflexology
  • pain management


Cupping Therapy

Dates back to ancient times, where the Egyptian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern cultures used these therapies to promote blood flow to promote healing for a wide range medical ailments.

More Facts...

The Ebers Papyrus shows how cupping therapy was being used as early as 1,550 B.C. This ancient Egyptian text is one of the oldest medical books in the world.

Relaxation Massage

A massage to relieve tension unwind and relaxe you to float on air and help your sleep.

More Facts...

Relaxation massage causes the release of endorphins, which the brain produces that create feelings of wellbeing and calmness to help reduce stress. Many studies have shown that high levels of stress actually reduce the bodys immune system which can leave our bodies more susceptible to illness.

Remedial Massage

This Deep Tissues Massage repairs damaged cells, scar tissue and encourages more complete healing. It is specifically used to treat muscular-skeletal imbalance, strains, sprains, broken bones and bruising.

More Facts...

Remedial massage is designed to increase the flow of blood and aids in lymphatic drainage in and around the injured areas.


Using rich essential oils personalised for your specific needs, this massage will help to assist the elimination of toxins and enhance a deep sense of relaxation to make you feel absolutely amazing and revived.

More Facts...

Pure essential oils can produce different emotional and physiological reactions in different people. Aromatherapy oils have been used throughout history in various cultures, but the modern application of what is practised today is predominately derived from France.

Foot Reflexology

A treatment that stimulates pressure points and releases blocked energy flow through the feet and hands.

More Facts...

Denmark has the highest use of Reflexology as an alternative therapy per capita than any other coutnry in the world.

Pain Management

Structured to individual requirements, we aim these treatments to aid in reducing stress, inflammation and other underlying causes of pain.