Naturopathy and Nutrition

Using traditional iris diagnosis, tongue and general skills of observation, Deanna Hambly is able to establish a health program to assist you back to a sense of well being and a return to health and improved life style.

What Is Involved?

This is accomplished by providing a diet and life style programme to nourish and support the person as a whole.

Treatments may involve a combination of herbal formula’s, flower essence, mineral and vitamin therapy.

Using patient data we use Traditional Herbal Formulations and provide diet and lifestyle programmes to help patients maintain their health and wellbeing.

General Treatments

  • Stop Smoking
  • Weight Loss
  • Pain Management
  • Detox


One of the vital roles of the naturopathic practitioner is to educate you about why disease occurs and how to maintain improved health after treatment.

At Biofunctional Medicine, we pride ourselves on providing up to date information and education regarding your treatment and are always on hand to provide support and direction.